What is a transition piece?
There are many types of transition pieces.  Below is a list of the different varieties.


Do you tear out and remove existing flooring?  Yes we do! We charge $0.50 sf for carpet, and $1.00 sf for hardwood or tile.

What are the costs to rehang my existing trim?We remove and install existing trim FREE OF CHARGE.  However, there may be touch ups required such as painting and chaulking that will be the required by the home owner.  New trim installation is $1.50 a linear foot.

Do you do tile or carpet? No, we do not.

Do you accept credit card?  Yes, but there’s a 3% service charge.

Do I need to remove the furniture and belongings from the area the floor is being worked on? Yes, we like the area clear and ready for our work, but if you need help with a few large things like a couch we are more than happy to help.  

Can I buy flooring from you?  Yes, you may.  We work with Emerson® Hardwood Floors located at 2727 NW Front Ave, Portland, OR 97210 (Located in the industrial area).  They have a large show room and a sales representative that will show all your options.  They only sell to contractors so I will put you on the list to go in at your convenience to pick out whatever flooring you like.  NOTE: Emerson® only sells hardwood.  We can provide Vinyl and Laminate flooring as well, for that product we go through Sloan’s Floor Coverings located at 1064 12th Ave, Longview, WA 98632.  Sloan’s also has a show room that will allow you to see and feel different products.